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I am a 35 yr old wife of 17 yrs.A mom of 3 beautiful kids.These are the ramblings of my Kentucky Fried Life...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I know

I know its been awhile since i have posted anything the up date on me is yeah i have high blood preasure and i have to take meds for it as well..The other thing is my bad cholestrol is up as well so i need to cut back on what i take in a day...I can have no more then 300 MG a day and if you sat down and broke up EVERY thing you eat you are taking in so much that could kill ya lol...Say for instance not that i eat it but if someone does beef liver alone for 3 ounces has 377 MG of cholestrol in it...thats alot lol...but as soon as it warms up i am going to start walking outside and doing alot of yard work...Here in KY the damn weather is been really crazy one day we can have it in the 70's the next day it will be snowing lol...mother nature is trying my patients what few i have..

Friday, February 24, 2006

Doctor day

So i go to the doctors this morning and i tell him whats going on and sure enough hes like it sounds like i have high blood presure given my age and family history and he did alot of blood work on me ...I had to go get a blood preasure machine today and i have to keep a i on it for 5 days then mail it in to the docs tillmy appt in 2 weeks he did give me some meds to help keep it down and yeah i STILL have that damn earache lol..but it is getting better so the doctor said...But for now i have to learn to calm down and not get over stressed at work or at home...i think its kids doing it to me lol worrying if they are having sex or what are they doing lol...They also fight alot with each other and thats another stress issue i i am going to try and stay on writing in my blog to help with some of the stress issues..writing relaxes me sometimes..but then again i am sure no one wants to hear me rant on and on ..but i will keep you posted on how my blood preasure is doing today it was 158 / 90 we will see how tomorrow is

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I am sure well have had stress from time to time right? kids , life , work? Well today started out great went to work early got things done was out by 2 pm and then i went to get my sister to do a few things while we was out she had to go to the store so i was sitting out in the care and she comes out and looks at me and was like UMM you feeling ok?? i am sure why? shes like have you looked int he mirrior? i was like umm no she goes well your face , ears are all red as a an apple, of course theres at tiems i have felt flush before so i said well lets go to the drug store to have it checked out and it was like 131 / 110 and they are all looking at me and said i need to head over to the doctors and i call them and they are like Nope we have no openings come in tomorrow lol what a joke that was so i call my dad and of course that was sorta of a mistake cause he was yelling at me to get to the hospital before i stroke out...and after an hour of yelling i went and they of course gaveme a shot for my headahe and sent me home lol after they watched me for a short bit but it didnt go down by much so tomorrow i will go to the docs and i will let you know what they tell me

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The next day

Hubby is doing great hes acts like nothing happend..hes not sore or anything and hes glad its all done and over now the waiting game begins again till he goes back to get the results from his test..We had my home interior party lastnight and he even had a good time the kids did as well they had there friends over to play with ...Did over $250.00 so that was a good thing i was alil nervus before about having so many peeps over but it went better then i thoought..I want to have another one in a few months lol...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Update on hubby

Today was the day he he went to the Hosipital and we sat there from 9:30 am till after 12 before they took him back man oh man was that stressful sitting there and the wait almost killed me lol...When he finally did get back there he was in and out in under 30 minutes...But for me it was a life time i was sitting there and it was taking for ever just watching every doctor go in and out and hes still laying back there..Then the doc comes out and says all went smothe and it could go and to come back to his office in 2 weeks as a follow up i was so glad to see him when they rolled him out i almost cried cause i was so happy to see him...we sat there for another hour waiting for the OK to leave ...

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Yep we got more snow today and what mess it made lol..Well in 3 days hubby will have his scope done man hes not going to like that lol...but its for his own good..I am praying all turns out for him cause i couldnt stand beening alone with 3 kids and i love this man with all my heart we have been married for 17 years life wouldnt be the same with out him...anyways i will let you know on tuesday how it goes...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Just another day

Wow almost every weekend of Feb it has snowed...We keep getting alot of snow like 3-5 inches even though i live in the south and we supposed to get a lot of it we usually dont but this month we have had our fair share lol.. The kids sure do love it though they have played in it making snowman have fights with each other .We are suppose to get a ton of snow again this weekend again lol